New Stage start from Full-Packing Period

Sunday, woo..the 1st day start of my new life NPO life
after 10 years, wow, about 3thousands more days,
finally make a decision giving up those atractive bonsu,
stepping into the field which closer to a human caring bz,
that's somehow in my mind worth then the ex-work,
I can't say there's full of courage but also with lot of worries

Friends around start with a shocking face,
following concerntive voice,
ensuring if this woman may be out of her mind,
no one belive that direction can still be survived without support from famliy.

With lots of risky and unknown,
still go on to the road I think which would become a tomorrow star
(tomorrow star<-- well, there would be a more better way to say, should look it up)

With my further days sketch,
witiness of my own advanture in life..