DP - Another dream project's OPENing..

Probably, someday, I will have a film like this, recording the mentors in my life that touches and teaches me. The journey has begun. Thanks to someone that kicked me so hard, or this trip wouldn't launch in such an early time. Is it a luck or is it a harm in life, U never know until the day one say goodby to the earth. Thank you for the ones that around me sharing their love and passion.  Thank you for the ones who treat me bad and make me cry badly. Thank you for the ones that sharing their own precious time without expecting any "rebate". Thank you my dad for teaching me a lesson by his leaving. And thank you my families that gives their warmest tolarence for my odd choice which is very incommon in the society. What others I should thank to, it's myself, for also trying hard and struggling to find a way of balance the meaningful life with reality and the existant value chain.

Recently, I was busy with the 1st supporting activity of i。ciami. Along this journey, I received a lot of precious gifts, lots of friends time, their caring, their money, their knowledge and their personal friends recommandation. The activity, solo exibition of a new artist, is still going on and our supporting is keeping. The journey is extraordinary cause this is a wish, a long hidden thought. At the very begining, joint with Stacy's encouragment, we start the journey. I am not sure how much help would the ones can receive, but the footprints we've walked by are good enough for this life.